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  • That’s a long diaper-change.

    “Ok, Beebs, let’s stop here on the side of this shop and get that diaper changed… Man, that’s a big one! Lady you are not…” …eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… “Oh, the bomb siren drill. Weird that it’s a siren and we don’t have to stand at attention, eh, Beebs? Actually, no one is even close to taking this […]

  • Baby Shape ‘Happening’ tomorrow in Jerusalem.

    Thought I’d share an opportunity for moms and babes tomorrow, June 5, in Jerusalem. Baby Shape is a YMCA program designed by Rachelle Oseran (whose childbirth Lamaze classes I’ve plugged before). Hebrew and English friendly. Check out the free class: Moms with babies in strollers are invited to our Baby Shape “Happening”: a FREE Mom […]

  • Was it you?

    Cooped up in my office tower these last months, I’ve missed wandering the streets and stumbling upon Israeli/Jerusalem street art/graffiti. And for a while now, I too have been wondering: Who moved my chair?

  • Street art sadness.

    Getting out more means seeing more. And remembering more, since the streets of Jerusalem tend to be fairly expressive. Captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, spotted yesterday on Emek Refaim. Paint reads: please save me. Shouldn’t he be out of uniform by now?

  • The new American consulate in Jerusalem (now with room to breathe!)

    Let’s hear it for American consulate 2.0! Had to go back to ze Fatherland territory to register new baby’s citizenship, get her passport (1/3) and apply for her Social Security number. For a while now, Jerusalem and Jerusalem-area American-Israeli residents have been going to the shiny new consulate in ‘west’ Jerusalem (is Arnona not a […]

  • Living’s not easy.

    Sigh. Bombing in Jerusalem, rock-throwing in Gush, missiles in Beer Sheva… Welcome to summer time in Israel.

  • The consequence of being ‘that asshole.’

    After six years of aliyah and three years with a car, I got my very first parking ticket in Israel… Not too bad.

  • Lemonade stand.

    Walking in Jerusalem today, on HaPalmach street, I spotted a 6ish year old boy operating… a lemonade stand (!) Did you grow up in the 80s? I remember having ‘computer class’ in elementary school, which meant playing Lemonade Stand on an Apple II or Commodore 64 for 45 minutes while the teacher read a book. This […]

  • Jerusalem of Brown.

    It’s unfortunate that we’re still abused with news stories about Jerusalem Holyland scandals. Or Olmert. Whatever. That’s what we happened to be talking about on our way to our offices in Jerusalem today when we noticed the dirty skyline from Gilo hilltop: Paging Pig-Pen? At first we posited that it was a dust storm but […]

  • Life lessons in Tel Aviv.

    I was in Tel Aviv today for the Bird Brain Unconference. The event was great, thanks for asking, but then three things happened that left me feeling like I learned about more than just Vardi awesomeness and actual birds. 1. Cabbie culture. I don’t take cabs often because I hate the experience of feeling waited […]

  • Take your coffee with extra חחחחח.

    You know you’ve been here a while when you get all the jokes at a Jerusalem Anglo comedy show. Presenting… HaHaפuch! Tonight was the group’s opening night; you may have already heard it of it from such performances as Facebook and YouTube. How about a little description? Our comedy troupe provides the other side of Israeli life, the […]

  • Birthing at Shaarei Tzedek.

    Shaarei Tzedek has quite a different reputation to Hadassah Ein Kerem; offhand I can say that it is more of a hospital’s hospital, procedural, stiff. It’s very religiously-oriented in staff and patients. Less concerned with natural birth, more concerned with working with Hashem to get the baby out and move on (as summed up by […]