Jewish news for womyn-folk.

Just found three headlines from the last couple days that I thought I'd share. Consider it a little taste of news in the womyn's world. Rabbi Metzger: Married women should give up maiden name "Advice to women from the chief rabbi: Married women should give up their maiden name, Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Yona Metzger told... Continue Reading →

The best plums are the 'stolen' kind.

It's amazing what can be taken for granted. Most of the year has passed me by and I haven't once written about it being a שמיטה (shmittah) year. Living in the greater Jerusalem area, not owning a garden or any trees, and mainly associating with kosher people, I've just not had to worry about it... Continue Reading →

An Israeli county fair in the dream of aliyah.

Spent the evening strolling around the Yom Haatzmaut celebration going on in the Tzur Hadassah elementary schoolyard. Clowns, kids, silly string, shaving cream, noise makers, cotton candy, lights, balloons... This no singles' event. I started reading old entries from a few years ago, describing my purpose for moving to Israel, my role in the aliyah... Continue Reading →

A little thing about home(land) cooking.

There is something so completely special - when you can look past the depressing, lonely, sad aspects - about being an olah in Israel, cooking your family's traditional Passover recipes for your own seder with fellow olim... My grandmother is far far away, but here I am, across the world, continuing her delicious traditions and... Continue Reading →

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