Nettles update: eighteen months.

"Do." "Doy." "Doos." "Douche." Your vocabulary is brought to you by the letter D. It's also nearly correct - 'poo', 'bird', 'shoes', and really on target with that last one, since you meant 'wash' and actually kinda said it in French. Or you're cussing the shower, which wouldn't surprise me either. Also nice try with... Continue Reading →

Nettles update: seventeen months

We're traveling and you're traveling, mostly upright, mostly walking, mostly like a drunk. But you're fierce and you're just about there. And you've discovered a love of climbing in giant teeth. And you'll eat your pizza how you damn well choose. And you'll scare away the animals you damn well choose.

Nettles update: sixteen months

SHE'S WALKING...!!! And she's everywhere. And she's climbing onto the kitchen table to make it rain napkins and wipes. And she's climbing backwards down the stairs if she can outpace me. Which - she can. And she's force-feeding baby dolls like the CIA is amateur hour. And she's yelling. YELLING ALL THE TIME: "AHHHHHH. MOTHER... Continue Reading →

Nettles update: fifteen months

She will cut you. But she'll also massage you. But really she was just scheming and will probably actually cut you. And then she'll laugh about it as she refuses to let you feed her. And that's Nettles this month.

Nettles update: fourteen months

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what little girls are made of... your weird outdated genderized dreams. This little girl is made of naughty grins, cunning eyes, plans to hatch, to get a rise. A hand over here, a hand over there, another fistful of big sister's hair. You want to be big,... Continue Reading →

Nettles update: thirteen months

13 months. 13 things I hope you will keep doing. Playing in the dirt Saying 'hello' when I hand you a 'telephone' Hide and seek with your shirt  Climbing over your siblings Claiming what's rightfully yours  Cuddling us Rumbling on the bed with the blankets and pillows EATING AND NOT GIVING A $#*%@!  Taking what... Continue Reading →

Nettles update: twelve months

Nettles, We did it! We made it to one! You're still a functioning human baby and I'm still a functioning mother of three! You've experienced much beyond your year. A busy home life! Job interviews! Two trips abroad! Two snows - make that three snows - make that a ton of snow between two countries!... Continue Reading →

Nettles update: eleven months

It's very possible you are the cutest thing ever to have existed. There's nothing about your face that I don't want to eat. There's nothing about your laugh that I don't want to make you keep laughing. In the last month, you've really gotten involved with the household chores. Or, as a parent would call... Continue Reading →

Nettles update: ten months

Your first snow. You kept swinging your head back, looking up at the sky, flakes in your eyelashes. You speak your language. With your eyes, with your hands, with the beginnings of your words. You mimic and gesture, you glare and nuzzle, you capture the moment in your hands with your touch. You take a... Continue Reading →

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