Priorities, people.

I was passed an article about a Charedi wedding that took place after being protested by the bride's parents and the "most prominent Orthodox rabbis." The daughter of multimillionaires was sent to Israel to seminary and fell in love with a Charedi "yeshiva dropout." They managed to get married yesterday after getting through protests from... Continue Reading →

Ynet thinks it's Monday.

I'm working really hard to get through this busy week and come out the other end at Purim, and Ynet is trying to hold me back: C'mon guys. It's March 18th, Tuesday. I busted my chops to get here, and I'll be damned if you try and take me back to yesterday.

Ignorance is momentary bliss.

There's only so much I can ignore the news here when things take a turn for terrible. At a certain point, it smacks you in the face and then maybe you're tearing up at your desk with the paper on-screen or you're cringing at the hourly news on your way home. I'm not at that... Continue Reading →

To snow, or not to snow…

It's 6 p.m., and all the Israeli news can report about is the impending 'snow storm'. It's been hyped about all day, with news reporters actually looking excited as the students who await instruction to stay home from school tomorrow. The sky has been eerie and gray and has given an extra-apocalyptic feel to the... Continue Reading →

Today's word: Etrog Journalism.

I learned a new word - or rather, term - today at the Arab-Israeli Journalism panel I sat on: etrog journalism. The idea, thunk up by a Haaretz reporter a few years ago, is that certain items of news need to be treated as delicately as an etrog, the yellow citrus fruit we Jews use... Continue Reading →

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