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A model, a citizen… a baby.

Five visits to photo shops, 6493542 attempted DIY shots, and one sore infant’s neck later – passport photos for the US, Australia and of course, Israel. Yep, our son will be a triple citizen by the time it’s all over. And not without his own brand of being sleepy and making us crazy, part II. […]


Favorite kind of Friday.

It hasn’t rained enough in Israel this winter, but when it has rained – it’s really, really rained. Which is just perfect on a Friday when you’re home, cozy, coming off the baby furniture high from the day before, and your husband knows how to make homemade chai lattes.  Of course, we’re always hoping for […]

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Live, from Tzur Hadassah.

The move went surprisingly well on Sunday. We’re here, unpacked and spoiled in this young building with its (existent) heating system and modern tiles. Katamo-who? Alas, I am still exhausted from the last three days of little sleep, zero nutrition and inevitable fatigue, so I will post some gorgeous views from my kumah bet apartment […]

city feature

City feature: Haifa

Now that summer is upon us, there’s a new series of jokes going around the cynical Israeli circuit, which revolve around the same punchline: “So, what are you doing this summer?” “That depends – when does the war start and end?” “Hey, feeling like a weekend in a tzimmer?” “Maybe; but let’s wait for the […]