The one where we lose our pet snail

It was a dark and rainy day… oddly, since it was May 3rd in the Middle East.

We had piled into the car, giddy about the surprise rain, and drove to the nearby nursery to pick up new flowers and herbs for our modest mirpeset garden. The kids were delighted by the plants, the rain, the 10 seconds of hail. And then, clinging to the bag of soil we picked up – the snail.

We packed our trunk with the plants, the soil,carefully placed to preserve the snail. Who wants a pet chilazon?! 

When we parked and unloaded – first the kids, then the box of plants, then the bag of soil – the snail was gone. I searched the trunk while huz searched the plants and packet of soil.

The kids were anxious to find the snail. Bebe was nagging, calling over and over, “Abba! Abba! Abba”

“One second, B.”

“Abba! Abba! Look! Look Abba!”

“Just a second, Bebe, we have to find the snail.”

“Look Abba! Look Abba! Look Abba!

At the same time, we looked towards where she was pointing… right at the snail, clinging to the bottom of the plant box.

And like that, no laugh track necessary, the four of us stood cracking up in the driveway under the grey May sky.

Koala named him Gluben (the third time he named him). He’s still kickin’ it on the porch.

P.S. I really like photographing snails.


Fifty-Two Frames: Adventure.

On Friday, I was jogging and I noticed this little guy on the ground. There’s some kind of kindred spirit connection between me and snails.

So to the confusion of the other runners/walkers, I stopped and bent down and started shooting with my phone – an HTC Desire (it’s all I had).

It’s super exciting because it’s exactly the concept I had wanted all week, and only expected I’d be able to capture it with an ant (considering there are 34827650576 trillion available in Tzur Hadassah). I certainly did not expect to find a snail!

It’s double super exciting because I actually really took my time to figure out angles and lighting and other details. I did end up having to crop a lil from the left to put him (or her?) closer to the bottom. But I feel good about the added effort I gave it this week.

Then all the other runners/walkers/joggers who passed me were like wtf that girl is on the ground looking at the sidewalk through her phone but it’s ok. There’s a lot of us weirdos exercising out here in the suburbs.

The most exciting? My photo made the cover of Fifty-Two Frame’s album this week. What an honor! And in such company!

Week 16: Adventure.

The long, lonely crack ahead.


The snail and the sleepyhead.

The latest word I have learned from my son: חילזון. Snail.

In their ‘autumn curriculum’ they’ve been teaching about the usual Israeli fall topics: rain… clouds… raindrops… leaves… rain… and snails (?!).

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a snail here in Israel.

Anyway, the teachers have been getting a kick out of my son because apparently he’s really taken to the חילזון lessons. Pointing his little fingers out of his head. Crawling on his  belly. When the gananet asked a question to the group – “What’s something we see in the סתו?” – he immediately answered, “chilazon!”

It’s all well-and-good. But what’s unfortunately lost on my lil 2.5-year-old nature enthusiast is the fact that at night, after we’ve put him to bed, and I’ve sat near him for 30-50 minutes waiting for him to fall asleep lest he cry out for me in fear, I end up crawling across the floor of his bedroom, creeping slowly slowly, quietly and steadily,

just… like… a… snail.