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  • The one where we lose our pet snail

    It was a dark and rainy day… oddly, since it was May 3rd in the Middle East. We had piled into the car, giddy about the surprise rain, and drove to the nearby nursery to pick up new flowers and herbs for our modest mirpeset garden. The kids were delighted by the plants, the rain, […]

  • Fifty-Two Frames: Adventure.

    On Friday, I was jogging and I noticed this little guy on the ground. There’s some kind of kindred spirit connection between me and snails. So to the confusion of the other runners/walkers, I stopped and bent down and started shooting with my phone – an HTC Desire (it’s all I had). It’s super exciting […]

  • The snail and the sleepyhead.

    The latest word I have learned from my son: חילזון. Snail. In their ‘autumn curriculum’ they’ve been teaching about the usual Israeli fall topics: rain… clouds… raindrops… leaves… rain… and snails (?!). I don’t think I’ve ever seen a snail here in Israel. Anyway, the teachers have been getting a kick out of my son […]