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Kid-friendly volunteer opp in Jerusalem: Pantry Packers

With a friend’s awesome initiative, a rag-tag group of Tzur Hadassah Anglos got together and made rice, not war. Yesterday a bunch of us young families got organized and volunteered as a group with Pantry Packers in Jerusalem (a food distribution project run by Colel Chabad). The highlight was to give our children a kid-friendly volunteer experience […]

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Try Tzur Hadassah for yourself: live band, standup comedy, good food & us locals

Throughout the year, I get more than a few people emailing me: So what’s Tzur Hadassah like? Is it an evil settlement? Are there schools there? Wait, so is the mikvah controversy not over? Is it true Tzur Hadassah will become a part of Beitar Illit in 5 years? Is that empty store slated to be […]