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  • Tzur Hadassah update: New pool, new bus, new neighborhood, new park, and… Swiper.

    It’s been a while! Plenty to update on Tzur Hadassah. In no particular order, except for saving the weirdest for last… five bits of small town news: 1. THE Tzur Hadassah Pool You’re not a true Tzur Hadassian if you’re not already putting on your floaties in impatient anticipation for the new pool, possibly making […]

  • The innocent on Memorial Day.

    I told Koala he could come with me to the Yom HaZicaron ceremony if he likes. I told him it’s a time where we remember all the soldiers and all the good things they do for us. “And if you want, during the siren, you can think about your uncle who is a chayal, or […]

  • My first dog run.

    My run this morning got a little messy – but way more fun – when my running partner joined. If you live in Tzur Hadassah and this is your dog, man, you are lucky. I hope you’re a runner too! It’s such a thrill running with a dog (even if it was just for a […]

  • Fifty-Two Frames: Silhouette/Backlit

    Not so happy with my pic this week. I tried a few backlit options, but I don’t think I actually understood the concept until right before the deadline. It’s hard to do this with a (albeit fancy) camera phone. Week 3: Silhouette/Backlit Caged suburbia.

  • Koala update: Tale of the horse prince.

    Koala has been going through some stuff at gan lately. Boy stuff, school stuff, three stuff, soon-to-be four stuff (stuff Dr. Seuss didn’t write about this one so it looks like I may do the job for him). Anyway, on Friday I took him for a mother-son ‘adventure’ (his word, not mine) through the valley […]

  • Highway coffee love happiness.

    It suddenly dawned on me, walking along the highway outside Tzur Hadassah for the 3907584376th time… …our highway signs advertise coffee as the pit stop attraction. Maybe they did in the US too, but the icons here look like a hafuch (cappuccino). I dunno why, I just love it.

  • Fifty-Two Frames: Sunset.

    For a while I’ve felt a bit stuck. Living in a lovely shoe box of puzzle pieces; it’s the complete set, so I know everything will fit. And then at some point, one must look around and wonder if there’s another puzzle somewhere, in some alternate universe, and if one were to mix the pieces […]

  • Where was your daughter born?

    So while initially, after giving birth to my daughter, I was asked very often ‘where did you give birth?’ that question has definitely waned in the last 15 months. It just becomes the sort of question doctors ask you at initial check ups, I guess. And so, oddly, despite everything, I kinda forgot where my […]

  • Sunday drivers: Taking it slow for freedom in Tzur Hadassah.

    And now, in local news: The continuation of the housing/construction war that’s being waged in and around Tsur Hadassah. The Makbat is planned high density housing towers that have permission to be built across the street from Tzur Hadassah near the Delek station and are planned to be part of Tzur Hadassah, not part of […]

  • Big yellow… tractor.

    In the immortal words of Joni Mitchell… (Paving even more in Tzur Hadassah.)

  • Surviving Israeli mortgage hell: a checklist.

    Buying your first home in Israel? Welcome to Israeli mortgage hell! (As opposed to anywhere-else-mortgage hell). Here are some points about the process that might be helpful to you if you’re going through it now too. Note that we bought our apartment from our landlady, so there was no issue of real estate agency, moving […]

  • Thank you, Beit Shemesh fire fighters.

    Very appreciative, very uncharacteristic.