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  • Rain, rain, come our way.

    Jerusalemites are celebrating the rain that began as a lightning show last night. I woke up just now to pleasantly discover that it’s still going. We’ve had a bad winter so far this year, the kind where everyone – to an annoying degree – talks about how terrible the situation is and starts judging each […]

  • Weather or not.

    Last week the weather in Israel freaked out and it gave us (what seems like premature) rain, wind, chills, head colds… Well, premature in my opinion because it hasn’t been Succot yet and that’s when it’s supposed to happen in my head. Now we’re a little obsessed with knowing what the next day will bring, […]

  • Head (and everything else) in the clouds.

    They are predicting the most intense snow storm in decades for next week. Meanwhile, I’m up to here in clouds. They are everywhere, especially in my eyes. I know I’ve already written about the fog… But I just can’t get over how normal it seems around here. Here’s a morning commute from this past week: […]

  • Those foggy nights…

    The weather went back to bla over the last day, and on the way home tonight a fog descended over the Jerusalem hills like I haven’t seen since my days in upstate New York. If you’ve ever lived there, you know the what I mean: You can’t see past your own hood and your fog […]

  • Attempting snow in Israel.

    Just went for a drive… sort of. I guess I underestimated the snow; we tried driving to a friend’s and although we didn’t make it far, I did get a dose of nostalgia for snowy days back in upstate New York. Yep, stuck in the house all day, playing in the snow by night… I […]

  • To snow, or not to snow…

    It’s 6 p.m., and all the Israeli news can report about is the impending ‘snow storm’. It’s been hyped about all day, with news reporters actually looking excited as the students who await instruction to stay home from school tomorrow. The sky has been eerie and gray and has given an extra-apocalyptic feel to the […]