This is who we are.

Part 1: 9:46 pm Me: Lalalala bla bla bla. Friend: Oh, happy anniversary. Me: Oh, shit! It's Tu B'Av! Part 2: 9:50 pm Me: Happy anniversary! I said it first! Huz: Oh, yeah. It hasn't been five years already, has it? Me: It's been four. By the way: We thought the extra bonus to getting... Continue Reading →

Priorities, people.

I was passed an article about a Charedi wedding that took place after being protested by the bride's parents and the "most prominent Orthodox rabbis." The daughter of multimillionaires was sent to Israel to seminary and fell in love with a Charedi "yeshiva dropout." They managed to get married yesterday after getting through protests from... Continue Reading →

Offering my wedding wares.

I was remembering my wedding - how long six months can feel, how quick six hours can pass... How I missed the people who weren't there, but moreso, how I enjoyed the people who made it to be there... It occurs to me, since I like giving advice - actually, passing on knowledge (maybe it's... Continue Reading →

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