yesterday i dropped off my passport to get my oleh visa at the Israeli Consulate.
much quicker and easier than i expected! took about 5 minutes. if only every step of this proces could take 5 minutes…
like finding an apartment, a job, a purpose…
well, anyways, for those thinking about doing this, here is a little list:

->think about what you wanna do there, why you wanna go there
->get a passport!
->contact shaliach at the Jewish Agency
->little phone interview
->in-person interview
->fill out forms (proof of Judaism, copy of passport, loads of passport photos)
->apply to nefesh b nefesh (optional, but highly recommended)
->be thinking about what you wanna do there
->follow up with shaliach (garanteed they havent gotten back to you)
->bring your passport and forms to Israeli Consulate for Oleh Visa
->think more about what you wanna do there
->meet other people making aliyah
->decide what you wanna do there

i havent reached that last step. i will though… someday…






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