post annoyance

so here’s an irony:

people who are anti-bush said that if bush won, they’re heading straight to the consulate for canadian visas.
people who are anti-kerry said if kerry won, they’re heading straight to the consulate for israeli visas.

bush won, and today i paid a highly anticipated visit to the israeli consulate.

Liz v. Aliyah round deux.

so, this is it. i’m dead serious. my visa is getting processed, my plane date is getting organized, my check should be in the mail soon, and i’m gone. i’m confidant, i’m anxious, i’m nervous, i’m just so there. (i am not, however, an alanis morisette song).

Guilianni as homeland security,
Obama as education,
Billy Clinton is sec of state,
John McCain as vice president,
Wesley Clark as defense,
Schumer as commerce,
Powell as justice,
Condi Rice as urban development,
Bush Sr. on foreign

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