quick lizrael update

soooo, i went for the second time to get my aliyah visa two weeks ago, and i picked it up on friday.
they put me down as a dude.
elizabeth cohen?
have u seen my pic?
anyways, went today to get the reverse sex change. operation only cost 20 minutes. and i even made a scary russian israeli consulate guard smile after he briskly asked why i was coming to the consulate with that hint of annoyed suspicion in his voice – i’m like, ‘they put me down as a guy, when i’m actually a girl.’
if this is all the burecratic bullshit i’ll have to endure, i’m a-lucky.






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  1. Susan Avatar

    This just happened to me too! I’m leaving in 8 weeks and just got back from leaving my passport at with my sheliach to change my sex. Yes, they put someone named Susan as a male -_-

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