but who will?

shit. it just occurred to me that i’m leaving all my bestest friends behind.

who will laugh over idle gossip with me?
who will drink random cosmopolitans and get stds with me?
who will ask me for sex advice?
who will ponder girls/boys with me?
who will eat random foods with me?
who will complain about feeling fat after eating a whole pot of noodles with me?
who will go shopping for weird unique objects with me?
who will make fun of my hebrew? (nevermind, that position will be filled easily)

where will i find a place with blocks numbered so i know i’ve just walked 20 to find a tasti-delight?
where will i be able to see 100s of years of culture around the next block?
where will i be able to walk and spot transexuals, pimps and hoes all on the same corner?
where will there be an open mic night where black people make fun of white people, and white people make fun of themselves?
where will i find such crazy-ass transportation? colourful people? awesome music?

how will i listen to another rap song about new york and not get all choked up?







Whadya got: