a true story:

A rabbi from New York was good friends with a certain high-up well-known New York personality years back.
The well-known New Yorker wanted to tour Israel – he was very intrigued by the country, and he and the rabbi visited Israel together, where the rabbi gave him his view of the place.
One of the places he took the man was to meet another high-up (Israeli) personality, who was a top official in the IDF at the time. The New Yorker had always been very impressed by the IDF’s strength and strategy, and he was intrigued to meet this official.
“Tell me, how does an army so small and so young grow so powerful and strong?” he asked him.
The IDF man smiled and opened up a top drawer behind his desk. He pulled out a thick hard-covered book.
“This book had everything I need to know in order to plan, organize and strategize,” the IDF official replied.
When the New Yorker leaned over the desk to see the book’s cover, which was obviously in hebrew, the IDF man leaned back and said: “The Tanach – the Bible. It says everything. Any question I have is answered within its pages. It’s all we need.”






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