Lizrael Update: The Interview and The Bus.

[LIZRAEL UPDATE: today i had an interview in hod hasharon (woke up at 6 am and it took 3 1/2 hours each way) for a technical writing internship program, at which the lady basically said she liked me and she’s going to try to set me up at a company close to bar ilan. it means i will be very poor for 6 more months, but after that, i’d rake it in. then i’ll buy my fans and lovers something pretty. she told me that starting salary is 10,000 shekel (a good salary is usually 5,000) and within two years i could move up towards 14,000 and in five get to 20,000. i feel like i’m not money driven enough to care but it sounds nice on paper. or computer screen. i guess i’ll collect money if i really do this and then go backpacking in style. which i think is what people out there call: “vacationing.”]

after an hour and a half of busriding (2 different ones) i get to the bus station and am told that the netanya bus will get me to hod hasharon, a suburb i have never visited, but am now for my interview. i get on the bus and ask the driver if it indeed goes there (you can never be too careful) and he tells me it does. i ask him when. he says 40 minutes.

it’s 40 minutes later. i’m peering outside windows to find any sign of hod hashron. none. i go up to the driver because i know he wont announce it. i ask how much longer.

20 minutes.


i take a sit near him so he doesnt forget about me (you can never ever be too careful). we get to a major looking bus station. i turn to the lady next to me.

hod hasharon?



i sit back. i cant finish a page of my book withut looking up at least once for a sign (you can never ever ever be too careful).

i have an interview, you see.

very nice.

20 minutes has passed and nothing has really changed for my situation. finally the driver barks,

hod hasharon, mirkaz.

is this the tachana mirkazit?

no, this is the mirkaz of hod hasharon, what else do you want from me?


i walk up to a taxi stand.

where is the tachana mirkazit?

you’re standing in it.

so hod hasharon is not very big.

3 1/2 hours after i left my place in jerusalem, i get to my interview. exactly on time.

-30 minutes later-

i get back to the so-called tachana mirkazit. a bus pulls up just as i get there.

tel aviv?


i sit down and smile. this time i won’t have to ask every 5 seconds because the last stop will be tel aviv, tachana mirkazit.

-5 minutes later-

sruga, tzomat sruga


he’s announcing every stop all the way back to tel aviv… so people know when to depart.






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