Holy(land) crap.

so a bunch of us janglos were going out for a motzei shabbat romp in town, getting down, and we had a great night between Latin and Hip Hop.

we were walking back to Yaffo street through the Russian compound. it was me, S, R, A, E, D, and J. out of nowhere, this drunk wild Israeli girl trounced over to A and demanded her water bottle. after A – considerably drunk – said no, the girl pulled it away. when A protested, she punched A – straight-out punched her. then A started fighting back, but the girl pulled her by her hair and dragged her down a bit, right on the ground… others in our party started after her and then she got S in the face and thigh with two square kicks and then E, who was more drunk than anyone else (except the psycho girl), started screaming at the psycho girl just a bit louder and sharper than the rest of us – and the girl ran across the street and pulled E down to the ground by her hair and started beating the crap out of her… she also had punched D in the face by then, knocking off his glasses and rendering him useless… J wasn’t around, or at least, close enough, so R was the only guy chasing the girl down, but he was also trying to assist the fallen girls… meanwhile, the psycho girl, with her own frightened friend, started running because the cops showed up and R pointed them to where the girl was and they went after her too… up the road we could see the cops with the psycho girl and her friend.
so A and E had decent injuries and S and D had minor ones. R was taking care of the two drunk injured girls, at that point vomiting and hysterical.

as for me, aside from running between the girls and D to comfort (and find lost glasses), i got a good look at the whole thing, a great laugh over the whole thing, and a different view of a night out in one of the most disgusting cities i’ve ever known.






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