unAmerican sketch, part 2.

So, my driving instructor calls me earlier tonight to tell me that my test is tomorrow at 12pm.

“Tomorrow? Isn’t that a bit early? Isn’t it supposed to take weeks?”
“That’s when they gave me.”

I am very skeptical.

I called an Israeli friend and an American friend to do some fact-checking. Actually, there are no facts when it comes to the driving bureau, only sketch theories.

I called the driving instructor back pleading unable to take off from work. He told me he’ll pick me up from work. I’m wondering why he is so eager – who is getting their liscence, me or him? I continue to plead not ready for an exam without a lesson.

“You’ll do an hour with me before the test, that’s your lesson.”

“But I don’t even know Israeli road signs!”

“They’re just like New York. Just like you know.”

Finally, I come out and say it. I unload my theories on him.

“You know what it is? This is just all very weird to me and all my Anglo friends have failed the first time, even though they can drive, because Anglos seem to just get failed more. And I don’t want to do this twice, I don’t want to lay out money for no reason. It doesn’t make sense.”

“What, everyone passes! I just passed three on Friday.”

“Look, all I’m saying is, I don’t want to go through this unless I know I’ll pass.”

“You will pass.”

“Well, if you are saying that I will pass, then OK.”

Well, OK.






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