Dress is more.

I found, what I guess is, my dream wedding dress in a magazine that a friend gave me. Then I found it again in another magazine. Then again in another.
Then for fun, I walked into the largest Macy’s in the world yesterday and went straight to their bridal floor (the 8th, mind you).

…And there, perched on a manequin, beautiful and radiant at the back of the room, was the dress.

How many girls get to actually try on their dream dress? (And who would have thought I would be one of those girls to have one?)

Well, I am and I did.

And then every single consultant and employee in the story came around the back, as I was standing on the platform with all the mirrors surrounding me, ‘angel’ veil atop my head, and told me that I was absolutely beautiful, that the dress had been made for me and my body.

And all I could do was politely say ‘thank you’ and wonder if that was enough reason to lower the price from $3,500 to $400…






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