My brother is attending his college graduation ceremony as I type this. I still appreciate how exciting, scary, relieving, nerve-wracking it is. Actually, I’m kind of nostalgic and 2006 me wouldn’t mind saying ‘hi’ to 2004 me. But 2006 me also recognizes that if 2004 me knew that, then 2004 me would kick 2006 me’s ass.
So nevermind.

Anyway, with my ongoing disappointing experience at Bar-Ilan making me more cynical everyday (oh why didn’t I look into Hebrew U. in the end? I know why, no need to answer) I can’t help letting myself think that it’s about the process and not the piece of paper… And who really cares about the paper, anyway? Maybe a future paycheck at a future job… That’s about all that keeps me going with caring about the actual degree part.
I like learning.


This? This is just a receipt for $40,000.






  1. Michael Avatar

    that receipt comment is hilarious. danya calls my master’s diplome a “really expensive placemat”

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