Israeli Disheveled Forces?

This is terrible.

It’s the first time, even with last summer’s disengagement, that I feel unprotected by the IDF. That the IDF seems clumsy to me, like they wouldn’t be able to deal with 100s of scenarios that could happen tomorrow.

It wasn’t the missed targets in Gaza that did it, though they helped.

Gilad Shalit was within pre-67 Israeli borders when his tank was attacked, two of his fellow soldiers were killed, and he was kidnapped. A very simple tunnel has been dug for who knows how long, allowing Palestinian infaltrants to sneak in.

How did we miss that? It must go beyond Peretz, as annoying and pain-in-the-ass as he is as defense minister. Are we getting sloppy? Too big and too cumbersome?

Will Olmert reevaluate as he works towards his precious realignment, requiring a tight, strong army?






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