“Hey, what’s up?”
“I hope it’s not burnt.”
“So I’m coming to your wedding!”
“Oh, I’m so happy!”
“How are you?”
“Living with my mother-in-law for two weeks. You can imagine my charedi mother-in-law and us illegitimately living together pre-marriage.”
“Wonderful. Family is so great…”
“We’d make a good reality T.V. show. So what’s up with you?”
“I got called up. Leaving on Sunday.”

“Oh… no… Where?”


“As a medic?”

“For training. Make sure I still got it. Then they’ll tell me I guess.”

“Oh. Man. Tell ’em you’re too old…”

“You still studying conflicts?”
“So what would you do about Lebanon?”
“I’d sit with the leaders of terror for coffee and watch a romantic comedy.”
“Sounds good. So I’ll see you at your wedding, God-willing. Good luck with the next few weeks!”


You too.






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