Letter to the extended fam.

Hi everyone!

I thought I’d give a mass update for those of you who weren’t here for the wedding… And I’m giving a ‘pre-thank you’ thanks for your good wishes, words of advice and generous gifts.

After both families fully arrived 2 weeks ago, there was some planning and a bit of touring. Since me and Ronen planned the wedding since January, there were only bits to take care of the few days before but it wasn’t too bad. Me and Mom went shopping for the wedding decor, and we all went to scope out the hall 2 days before the wedding and meet the owner.

The wedding itself was – apparently – the most fun wedding people have been to in a while. So said the camera men and the videographer, as well as lots of guests. From the ultra orthodox guests to the totally secular guests who were there, everyone said they had an amazing time. I suppose that’s what I’m mostly proud of, studying my masters degree in conflict management and living in this crazy country of religious-secular friction.

Me and Ronen had a lot of fun too – what we can remember anyway. Friends took lots of photos and one friend took a video of the whole chuppah (ceremony), so when I get that I’ll post it online somewhere or mail out CDs. The professional stuff will take awhile.

Well, we’re recovering now with the week-long sheva brachot parties post-wedding. Back to work soon. Ronen had a great time with our family so far, he feels totally comfortable around us, which is a great start for this long distance relationship we’ll have. In September Ronen and I will be in NYC for a visit; I hope to see as many of you as can make it!

Be well.






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