Let's talk about…

…כיסוי ראש

…or, literally, ‘head covering’, really ‘hair covering’.

Married Jewish women have been, for ages, covering their hair out of modesty and a symbol of being a married woman. Today, it’s certainly not as popular; back then, cultures of non-Jewish women did that too. It was part of the whole cultural divide between the married and unmarried women. Also, hair isn’t as much a sex symbol now as it was then – or maybe we pay more attention to the other sex symbols a woman has and have forgotten the inherent sexuality of a woman’s mane. Either way.

Anyway, I am now a Married Jewish woman. Too the shock, horror, surprise, pride, displeasure of many, if not most of people I know, I have opted to cover my hair in a loose, symbolic measure.

Obviously I’m not doing it for the modesty reason because I wear tank tops and short skirts and tight jeans and so forth. I’m doing it because today, living in modern Israel, it’s very much a symbol of being a Married Jewish woman (like wearing a ring) and well, that’s what I am. So I’m trying out this tradition, like I have tried many before, and we’ll see where it takes me. If I lived in the States, I probably wouldn’t do it.

My friends are confused and people at work are freakin’ out, as it seems the order of the universe has been reversed (most seem to think I’m secular for living with my fiance, general attitude and aforementioned immodest clothing).

I have that effect on people.

Well, I’ve always been a weirdo. It’s not gonna change with being married. So, once again, I say: deal with it.

(deal with it)






  1. Rafi G Avatar
    Rafi G

    looks great! I think the head scarf is sexy!!

  2. John Weiss Avatar
    John Weiss

    My name is John Weiss and NO I an not Jewish. I have had many Jewish friends and I have even dated a Jewish girl. G-d was she beautiful!
    In today’s world many religious customs are falling by the wayside. I say good for you!
    When I was dating this Jewish lady I received many anti-Semitic remarks. My reply was Jesus was a Jew, his Mother was a Jew and his foster father was Jewish.
    I love Jewish women.
    John Weiss

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