Mmm… beer…

Visited the Jerusalem Beer Festival last night for the second year in a row. Nothing all that new or different this year, except two new drinkable items on the roster:

1. Strongbow Cider.

Haven’t drank this in over 3 years! Used to be my nightcap on my semester in England; we had a proper bar on the floor below us in the dorms, so it was top off the night with a Strongbow or a Snakebite (which I still haven’t had since then; Snakebite is something different here).

2. Taybeh Beer.

Believe it or not, Ramallah has its own brewing company and the liquid is not bad at all… A friend introduced this to us from his Israeli Arab classmate. They have a dark and a light.
Who says Palestinians are unproductive?






  1. fiLi Avatar

    Heh, just had my first Cider here in London this week. It’s in Israel now, eh? cool.

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