When I think about you, I indulge myself.

Did you know?

– There’s a machine that you can put your newly-washed, still-dripping clothes inside, and they will come back dry and fluffy and warm – in under an hour?

– There’s a machine that you can turn on when it’s hot and humid and within minutes you feel refreshed and cool – in the comfort of your own bedroom?

Wow. I must be young and not-wealthy.






  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Thank you for posting that.

    It reminded me of something I read more than twenty years ago in an out-of-the-way bathroom in the Physics building at Berkeley. (I’d go when I need a break from not understanding what I was reading.)

    Someone wrote: “The toilets work and there’s soap and paper towels — this place is better than home.”

    I like to think that whoever wrote that went on to a very successful life.

    Best regards,

    Keith in Austin

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