Caring for the kalba.

I never had a dog in America. I don’t know what the vet experience is like back there.

But, not surprisingly, the vet experience here is very… Israeli. I just get this feeling that the same laid-back attitude that pervades all other areas of life (especially government offices) is not absent within the walls of the animal doctors.

Tonight Stella and I made our third trip to the clinic of Tza’ar Baalei Chaim, the Jerusalem SPCA.

Third in one week, you ask?

Well, the first two we were sent off with gentle pats and compliments for my dog, but no suggestions as to why my bitch was going through some – ahem – visually upsetting symptoms.

“She’s fine… Aren’t you Stella? Wow, she is cute.”**

Thanks, but there is still blood coming out of unwanted places, doc.

Well, third times a charm and now I hold a perscription for doggy antibiotics to be filled tomorrow (and a fourth apointment for next week).

Where do doggy perscriptions get filled, you ask?

At Super-Pharm, where else…

**This is Stella, and wow, she is cute:






Whadya got: