So long, Stella.

I had been contemplating it for a while and came to the conclusion – not on my own, though – that Stella needed a better living situation (and so did my husband). I realized that there was no way my apartment could feel harmonious with those two animals living on top of each other. I’ve always been one to ignore my gut feelings but I guess in this case I couldn’t take the gnawing and I knew it was time to do what is best for all.

So, as of last week, she is living with a healthy-sized American family from suburban Beit Shemesh. With kids, a yard and a second dog, Stella has everything she needs now. My cohabitant is back to his cheery self again (strumming guitar and doing Green Day impressions in a Yiddish accent as I type this).

Me? I miss her. Sometimes I get home and call, “Stells!” like the old times. Ok, fine, that’s just to annoy my husband.

Here is my humble tribute to Stella, just the way I think she’d like it, minus chewed-up corners:






  1. ifyouwillit... Avatar

    Rest assured she’s very happy, and so are her new owners.

  2. Michael Galpert Avatar
    Michael Galpert

    I love your stella tribute strip! How’d you make it?

  3. eliesheva Avatar

    icomic life on mac!

  4. Michael Galpert Avatar
    Michael Galpert

    another reason to get a mac

  5. eliesheva Avatar

    a mac is a serious commitment with serious implications – $$$ and unique troubles… be weary.

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