An immigrant's dozen.

So, Nefesh b’Nefesh is collecting olim’s top 12 favorite things about Israel, eh? Hmm…

1. Hebrew rap

2. Tzfatit cheese

3. Children of olim

4. The fact that Israel only started mass producing ‘real’ orange juice a few years ago

5. Jerusalem bus system

6. The way in which Israeli guys hit on you (except in clubs)

7. Israeli documentaries

8. Kvish shesh

9. The “I know your Anglo, you know I’m Anglo, but neither of us has opened our mouths yet so we’re just gonna give each other side-glances” stare down

10. The way Israelis talk about chul: wide-eyed

11. The humor/satire sections of Israeli newspapers

12. The fact that they paint security barriers as scenic views







  1. ifyouwillit... Avatar

    Your 8 and 9 are great!

  2. Jonny Steel Avatar
    Jonny Steel

    lizrael – as the new boy on the israel-anglo blog circuit, just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your stuff. I love little observations, and yours are spot on, which is why I’ve linked you :-)

  3. ilan Avatar

    Several olim have been posting these, but this is my favorite so far – such a nice capturing of the beautiful, absurd tragicomedy that is life here.

  4. eliesheva Avatar

    hey, thanks guys…

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