Stop chasing hangovers!

It’s one of the first things you learn when entering into Israeli drinking culture: Israelis have the chaser all wrong.

A chaser is something you swallow after you’ve just ingested a stronger drink. That means, if you’ve just had a tequila, a lemon is a complement of a chaser. If you’ve downed a whiskey (and you’re amateur) beer might be a good chaser. If you’ve knocked back cheap vodka, anything that isn’t cheap vodka would be a great option for a chaser.

However, Israelis must have misunderstood when the drinking fairy came to town. Because, to Israeli bars, a chaser is a shot of the stronger liquor. A package deal at an Israeli bar is getting a half-liter of beer (strong?) with a chaser of… whiskey.

On Thursday night I was out with two guys who both ordered the package deal and who both downed the ‘chaser’ first, as it was meant to be. We subsequently wondered if the Israeli waitress thought they were backwards.

Then, today, I see this ad in the paper (notice the last line at the bottom):

Dublin bar ad

Aye, Dublin; you do not live up to your name. Who EVER needs to chase a Guinness???

They may want to hang this reminder behind the bar:

Beer before liquor,

never been sicker.

Liquor before beer,

you’re in the clear.






2 responses to “Stop chasing hangovers!”

  1. guy Avatar

    Well love, I’d rather have my whiskey served then chilled with a small beer.
    it’s just that alcohol is expensive in israel, am i right or is it just a habit?
    they serve good alcohol at the syndrome, good concert this tuesday.

  2. yuval Avatar

    we have everything in the right order, you have it wrong… man i’m wasted :)
    but seriously, beer tastes ( and feels bettser when your “fuelud up” first”.

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