Cancel the semester, will stab myself.

I don’t like waking up on my one-day-a-week of school and seeing this headline:

University presidents: Semester may be canceled

And I don’t like reading this in the first paragraph:

As the third week of the university lecturers’ strike gets underway, professors are not optimistic on the chances of the protest ending anytime soon. Representatives from the senior academic staff met with Finance Ministry officials Sunday evening but no progress was reported.

Grooooan. It’s  not even so bad for me; I can work full time, make some extra cash, and load up on extra classes next semester. But… I don’t wanna.  And think about all the poor freshmen of this year and last who have only known strikes? And all the poor med students who have seven years ahead of them until they at least make a livable salary?

Is anyone else finding it funny that I’m studying mediation in a country of strikes, conflicts, diverse cultures and understandings?

Every time I meet someone new and tell them what I’m studying, their reply is always the same (and very cheery): “Well, you’re in the right place!” No. No, I am not in the right place. Because I’ll never finish my degree in Conflict Management and Negotiation due to all the… conflicts!


Whadya got: