Students' protest; teachers' strike.

Walking to the bus stop this morning – passing the empty school on my block – I heard loud chanting and clapping and honking; it was 8 am and the kids were supposed to be school-less and asleep. When I arrived at Yochanan Ben Zakai, a healthy-sized street that borders my neighborhood, this is (a section of) what I found:

student protest

The high school girls woke up early, as if it was a school day, went to the street where they have school, and stood rallying and making noise, drawing attention to day 26 of a major teachers strike that has had a detrimental effect on this year’s education.

It’s nice that the students care enough to demand their education back. There were some teachers in the mix as well. Students and teachers together, drivers honking in support, and for the first time in a while, I got to see some unity in this place.





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    I was getting pretty edgy reading this. If I say I’m disagreeing with your post I would say nothing. Reading this is meaningless waste of time.

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