The youth of the Bezeq parrot.

I recently finished reading a book I found on my shelf – Vernon God Little – and as I was reading it, a postcard fell out, as if by some will of the powers that be, I was meant to find it and comment:

Bezeq Parrot Ad


I couldn’t believe it! It was the freaky Bezeq parrot, whom I loathe; but he is so clean and fresh there. He looks young and vibrant. See him dance? It’s not a dance of drunken nights with crack-cocaine… It’s a dance of youth and innocence. Enjoying the music. A happy jig.

When I flipped the card over, I made a crucial discovery: this advertisement dates May 2005 – a whopping two and a half years ago! Why, I was just a young, smitten olah chadasha back then. I hadn’t yet met the Bezeq parrot that would charge me with disgust and distaste.

What did I learn from this piece of Israeli internet company history? That we all have a past, a youth, a beginning. Once in a while, we ought to get in touch with our beginnings and remember from where we came.

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