The youth of the Bezeq parrot.

I recently finished reading a book I found on my shelf – Vernon God Little – and as I was reading it, a postcard fell out, as if by some will of the powers that be, I was meant to find it and comment:

Bezeq Parrot Ad


I couldn’t believe it! It was the freaky Bezeq parrot, whom I loathe; but he is so clean and fresh there. He looks young and vibrant. See him dance? It’s not a dance of drunken nights with crack-cocaine… It’s a dance of youth and innocence. Enjoying the music. A happy jig.

When I flipped the card over, I made a crucial discovery: this advertisement dates May 2005 – a whopping two and a half years ago! Why, I was just a young, smitten olah chadasha back then. I hadn’t yet met the Bezeq parrot that would charge me with disgust and distaste.

What did I learn from this piece of Israeli internet company history? That we all have a past, a youth, a beginning. Once in a while, we ought to get in touch with our beginnings and remember from where we came.





  1. Gary Kulwin Avatar

    I can’t help myself, Eliesheva – I’m in love with the Bezeq Parrot!! Even in the tackier ads, he somehow seems quintessentially Israeli. Maybe he just got discharged from the IDF, and has spent a little too much time backpacking in Nepal or South America. Sooner or later, he come back to his senses and turn out all right…

    Actually, your annoyance at the Bezeq Parrot reminds me of my wife’s distaste for Kippi Ben-Kipod, the lead character in “Rehov Simsum”, the old Israeli version of Sesame Street. She thinks that Kippi reflects some negative stereotype of Jewish women, while I think that my wife is more like Kippi than she chooses to acknowledge (in a good way, of course). Who knows, maybe there is a little bit of the Bezeq parrot in all of us (like some Freudian id, that our super-egos have somehow managed to supress but not completely eliminate).

    Great blog! Waiting for more parrot pics! Happy (secular) New Year!
    Regards, GK

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