Israeli Jew on Christmas.

Back home in New York, Christmas for Jews means Chinese food and  going to the movies (apparently).

Because I have a TV this year, I can’t forget that tonight the rest of the world is celebrating various versions of this holiday.

My Australian husband has recalled the Chinese food and movies tradition (which I’ve actually never done back in the States) and made Chinese food… and now we’re watching movies.

Santa Chinese food

Happy holidays to those who are celebrating! Enjoy the Chinese to the American Jews who are stuck at home…





  1. Benji Avatar

    I never did it either. It’s what they do in New York. And for better or worse, the American Jewish community “has” to fall in line behind NY when it comes to Jewish trends, fads, stereotypes, etc. I never understood that “rule” till I moved there either.

  2. eliesheva Avatar

    Haha… I grew up in New York my whole life… But there are a ton of things I didn’t do that supposedly “all American Jews” do. Like… stay in New York?

  3. Avi Avatar

    Plenty of American Jews aren’t from NY. Besides, the whole Chinese food thing is because that’s all that’s open on Christmas.

    Of course, they might be getting kung po pork but hey, it’s what’s open on Christmas.

    Or a kosher restaurant, when available.

    Or even better, a kosher chinese restaurant like I did last night (Korosin – at Malka, wasn’t so bad, perhaps Center 1 is just bad)

    Nice meeting you Motzash.

  4. eliesheva Avatar

    You too! Nice to put a face to a name…

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