ICQ Toothpaste: Because you never know.

The Israeli hi tech world is alive and…  brushing.

Gizmodo posted that the Israeli software company that created ICQ, the instant messenger we all lost our virginity to, teamed up with an Israeli pharmaceutical company and together have created this bad boy of a Frankenstein:

ICQ Toothpaste

That’s right, ICQ toothpaste. Why, you inevitably ask?

The Israeli software company that developed the suite before it was purchased by AOL has just partnered with a big Israeli pharmacy company called CTS to release this ICQ toothpaste, which our tipster claims will “help P2P communication (person to person) while reducing bad breath.” (Gizmodo)

Only in Israel.





  1. crunchyspaceman Avatar

    I actually saw this same toothpaste, and was going to buy it as a gift for one of my Professors, because she likes wacky zany shit like this. Wayyyyy … too weird.

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