The twisted mind of an expat.

I’m in New York City for the next three weeks.

On one stretch,  between my office on 35th to the bus on 42nd, I hear not one – not two – but three Hebrew conversations.

I get on the bus, there’s a six pack of hard lemonade in my seat; former passenger leftovers. I drop everything and carry  it over to the bus driver. Then I walk back to my seat and feel guilty that if it’s laced with explosives, I just killed him.

Yeah, that never gets old.






3 responses to “The twisted mind of an expat.”

  1. Benji Lovitt Avatar

    Have fun. If you miss Israel, check out Chickpea at Astor Place or one of the three Hummus Place chumusiot. Pretty damn good.

  2. Shelley Avatar

    but good times, right? at least if you shout out “chefetz chashud” someone will know what you’re talking about :)

  3. elie Avatar

    Ha! Touche, Shelley…

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