Another brit, another Jew.

Yesterday we participated in what must be the oldest Jewish ritual, decended straight from (poor) Abraham. I do not envy Sarah, by the way, who had to deal with the healing of not only an 8-day-old with a bruised penis, but a moody teenager and her senior-citizen husband. 

Yes, the brit mila. Ritually slicing and dicing to bring your newborn into the covenant with God. The blood and gore didn’t really bother me though. It’s the sad, slow healing process that makes it hard. Although – and I don’t care how graphic it is – when it comes to sad, slow genital healing, I can certainly relate. He should know, he was there. 

…And is it not a  little strange that the mohel let us keep the knife?

“Ze petek hachlafa,” he said.



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2 responses to “Another brit, another Jew.”

  1. David H. Avatar

    It’s always hardest on the mom. Mazal tov. When I read the headline, I first thought, “Another Brit, Another Jew,” like some sort of international or divided identity sort of thing.

  2. Raizy Avatar

    I just checked in now and saw that you’ve had your baby! Mazal Tov! Hope you’re enjoying him.

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