Koala update: ten weeks.

Is there any other example of how much we can change and grow in just a week or two? Do we ever grow and change as rapidly as we do at two months old?

A lot’s happened in the last month, and I’ll try to break it down.

We’re inching closer to doubling the Koala’s birth weight, which was on the low side when he was born – but he was tiny and proportionate, so I guess that’s all you can hope for, right? I’m amazed at how big he’s grown in two and a half months of life, but at the same time, I’m amazed at how much bigger other people’s newborns are. Not too worried though because Koala has the genetics of human giants.

Just after six weeks, the Koala showed off his first sure-fire non-poop-related smile. At first it took (obnoxious, high-pitched) coaxing from mama. Then, reactionary, as if it’s just simply funny to look at mama’s face. Finally, it happened: spontaneous smiling, already finding something funny by the time mama even gets to the crib. Maybe the thought of what mama looks like when she’s cleaning for Shabbat one-handed? Maybe her singing? Or how freaking funny it is you’re both up at 4 am?

And the cooing. So much to coo about these days. We have entire conversations together. There could be a Broadway play going in the background, but it couldn’t be as entertaining as watching him put his lips together and coo. And gurgle. And laugh in a quiet, open-mouthed, gummy-smile kind of way.

The initial fear of breaking him at my touch has long faded. We can fully enjoy the cheek-smushing, foot-stroking, and ‘fake hugs’ we have him give us around our necks.

It’s been repeatedly freaky to discover and rediscover how in sync I am with him. On this crazy subconscious physiological, biological level. One time he was in the other room, where I had let him lay on his tummy for a bit. Suddenly I remembered I left him there and as soon as I shot up to get him, he started whimpering. Coincidence? No way. It’s something neither of us can control. How does anyone ever let go of that? Not by choice, that’s for sure.

Every day there are moments when I look at him and just think, “love.” How it can all happen like that, so quick… From being a bloated laboratory for human growth and then an all-in-one food source, comfort source, love source for this creature you created.

Ten weeks older, ten weeks wiser, ten weeks more in love.







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