Koala update: Eleven months.

We’re nearing a year and look at that, I have time to update (barely). I also have a lot of flashbacks about what this time last year was like. Childless, calm and well-rested. Ah, memories.

Informal poll: Is my sabra the only one to have ‘todah’ (thank you) be his first functional word? Just wondering if we’re doing it wrong.

Koala has always been a bit sensitive when it comes to strangers and loud noises (and especially when you combine the two) but the separation anxiety has spiked in the last month. To an uncomfortable degree. But people have been very understanding, which helps.

Koala got his first appreciable package from overseas; a mishloach manot from his Australian side. Unlike our forced present opening at Chanukah, he was actually able to scrounge and scavenge properly. We are so proud.

Having spent the last part of his eleventh month in the States, it is only fitting that he experienced his first fast food (nuggets and fries) with his temporary daycare nanny here. I was shocked at first, and then remembered that there is a good chance in a couple years he will definitely be eating Tivol more than once in a while.

And besides, he’s been getting his fill of Sesame Street while here, and to me Sesame Street is the entertainment equivalent of peas and carrots.

Remember what I said about having time to update? I have to cut this one short; it’s always less time than you think with a borderline toddler in tow.






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