Chanukah 5771 roundup.

Well, that escalated quickly.

I thought Chanukah with a non-infant kid would be more fun, but I guess Chanukah with two non-infant kids will be more like it. Except for when there’s no school the whole week and I want to rip out my hair like I see my coworkers doing.

But the 8 crazy nights, and days, went by pretty quickly. By the eighth night, holding (and breaking) an unlit candle didn’t suffice and Koala just wanted to touch fire.

We saw party Koala in action, too, as he had two birthday parties this week and a Chanukah party at gan. He likes boons (balloons) and he loves crowns (Chabad gan loves crowns). But mostly, he likes eating. And I learned a valuable lesson that either people have to put out food right away when throwing parties for kids, or I feed Koala before he walks in.

In sum, it goes without saying that he loves a. donuts, b. fried potatoes, and c. fire, if only he could get his little fingers on it.

Happy Chanukah!






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