Israeli flag protekzia.

Someone is watching over us. Taking care that we do right by our adopted citizenhood.

And that someone… is our mortgage bank representative.

She happens to live in Tzur Hadassah, and her home happens to be located at the bottom of the hill our apartment overlooks. And now that she knows exactly where we live (and what our repayments are like) – well, she’s decided to take care of us. When she brought some papers home for us yesterday, she included a package of Israeli flags for us to hang on our mirpeset which overlooks the yishuv.

“I noticed you haven’t hung up any flags yet, so I thought you could use this!”

Finally, a bank that goes above and beyond…?






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  1. […] Also, make sure you get a good bank mortgage representative. Ours has been a complete doll, even when the bank itself was dicking us around. It helps that she turned out to be a neighbor of ours. […]

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