Good bras, good nursing.

Since having children, I have been on a journey. It’s not quite spiritual, but certainly challenging.

It’s about… finding the best nursing bras. Seriously, what’s the deal? At least half the women in this country breastfeed, yet it’s fairly difficult to find good quality nursing bras here. Forget the malls – Intima and the like have poor selection or questionable quality. And why are they so reluctant to fit you for size? And I don’t bother with the baby stores; a wireless paper-thin bra that comes stuffed in a tiny paper envelope isn’t for me. Even if costs 8548563542 NIS less.

I considered going all out Amazon, but who orders their intimates without trying them on?

So on to the United States of Shopping. Sure, breastfeeding isn’t as common, but surely for the right price I could find quality… But, no. I’ve bought at least six there and they’ve all gone to crap too quickly.

Sometimes the answers in a journey are found where you first started it. Before I tried all that, I had find good bras in Israel, through the nursing shopping website Hanaka Tova (Hebrew, but a lil’ Google Translate should do the trick, plus the owner is a native English speaker). I heard about it through Rachelle Oseran’s birth class before having my first, and gave her a call after he was born and realized, holy crap, there’s a reason they make special bras for these things!

Anyway, I did buy a bunch of excellent quality and fairly priced bras from there, but for some reason afterwards thought I could just get a whole bunch more elsewhere as backup.

This time, I returned to Hanaka Tova and I highly recommend going that route. You can get everything delivered after ordering online, or you can contact Arielle, the site owner and bra wonder, to ask about fitting. They’ve also got pumps, pads, and all kinds of accessories. I also recommend this nursing cover for the show-it-all shy.

Ladies, here’s to happy nursing… and supporting our boobs.


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