That pilot is me…

Scene: Sixt car dealership, Jerusalem. Sasson the excellent salesman is chatting away at my husband, with me listening as I inspect the silver Ford Focus in front of me.

“So, what’s the difference between the Mazda 3 and Ford Focus?”

“Go with the Focus, trust me. The time of the Mazda 3 reigning in Israel is ending… For so long, everyone has just accepted that it was the obvious choice, and we’re moving on from that to other, much better cars.”


“Look at this lot – see all the Mazdas? No one wants them anymore now that they realize that for families there are much better and just as affordable options. You know what Mazda is good for? If you’re single and want to pretend you’re a pilot. But now you’re married, with kids.”

I didn’t look at my husband, but yeah. That pilot is me.







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