Bebe update: Four months.

Bebe! It’s been an incredibly rough month. And none of that is your fault. But the fact that you are so… calm. And sweet. And delicious. It just melts away the challenges I’ve been dealing with… when I’m lucky enough to see clearly through it and find your smile behind the haze.

Your laughing is a symphony of snorts and baby guffaws. It’s sloppy. I love it. You’re not loud like your brother was, with a deep laughter. And you don’t make yourself the center of attention like he did. You’re watching. You’re amused. And dimpled. And pleased.

But the best kind of laugh you have to offer is when you’re downright tickled by some shenanigan that Koala’s pulled – a funny face, a silly sound, or even his own infectious laughter.

You two have really bonded in the last week. You’re noticing each other more. And you, Bebe – well, you just adore your older brother. The looks you give him, the smiles, the coos… And he’s lapping it right up, too.

His concern when you – ‘oh no, Bebe!’ – roll over and he thinks you fell. After you’ve spit up, he’s very quick to point it out (maybe that’s just his own clean nature). And he thinks it’s downright hilarious that you don’t eat anything. Yet.

Yet… And soon you’ll be eating, drooling, crawling. Grabbing, taking, fighting. And it’ll be glorious. Because that’s what siblings do.

But for now, I’ll continue enjoying the adoration on both ends.






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