Koala’s path to big boy-dom.

Lucky for me, I have a wise, experienced professional at my disposal in times of parenting need (thanks, mom), so about a month ago a ‘sticker chart’ was instated at our home for Koala.

I highly recommend it. It has been fun, exciting and super-helpful, and I’m just talking about for me… But Koala has been enjoying racking up sticker points with enthusiastic cries of מדבקות!!! after wake up and before bedtime.

We chose a few targeted issues: toilet training, brushing teeth, going to bed/waking up calmly (no crying, for the love of god), using words, and playing ‘by myself.’ I think each of the areas are improving drastically, with toilet training currently at #1 in achievement and importance.

And because this is my space right here, I’m gonna say it: I’m proud of myself. Yeah, I did an awesome job here. Since Koala started expressing potty-interest over a year ago, it’s been a free-flowing, paced effort since then, until more recently, when we were more engaged and encouraging as he became increasingly interested.

I’d been waiting for the right time; Bebe was born in spring, and then summer didn’t work because we were going to New York. Sukkot was perfect: two weeks at home, no gan, so I could have full control of the situation and hammer it in for a toilet-training boot camp period.

So that’s what we did, and we’re out on the other side since for three days now it’s been undies all day with one accident a day. He spent Friday at gan with no issue, and the ganenet was really supportive (something I didn’t expect because I’m so skeptic and jaded about that…).

So, yeah, I feel good. It was smoother than I thought because he is old enough (2.5) and willing. I went with the flow (pun alert) and it worked it out. Score one for the laid- back moms!






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