New Israeli home birth restrictions delayed.

An update on the Israeli home birth restrictions situation:

Health Ministry delaying delivery of new restrictions on at-home births

The health ministry has yet to complete its labor on a new policy restricting home births. Responding to public criticism which followed Haaretz’s recent disclosure of the new restrictive guidelines, the ministry’s medical authority has decided to freeze implementation.

The health ministry has canceled a meeting scheduled for Tuesday at which the new guidelines were to be authorized.

Apparently, a Bar Ilan professor of bioethics named Professor Noam Zohar took the issue to task, writing to the Ministry about how unethical the decision process had been. They hadn’t consulted with home birth experts at all. Which is what is meant to happen now.

I like that he acknowledged an obvious “institutional and economic conflict of interests, since revenue accrued from low-risk births in hospitals is an important income source for hospitals.”

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