For the love of Ayelet.

Just needed to share this with everyone out there: this amazing thing, the combination of  the widespread and deep lengths of the Jewish community-at-large and the internet’s service as the ultimate sharing tool.

I’ve been just amazed by watching how many people are seeing the Ayelet Galena post from last Tuesday… Since it was posted, it’s been viewed over 23.000 times. It was shared via Facebook 700 times. If you don’t know me, then it’s worth knowing that not only do I not know that many people on Facebook or offline, I certainly don’t have that many regular readers on this blog.

In the first 24 hours, I couldn’t help but watch in speechlessness how many people were visiting and from which cities and countries – such outpouring of concern, of love, of care. From everywhere. The US, Israel, Canada, sure – but also the UK, other parts of Europe,  and Australia.

I just had to share that info. It’s further inspired me. It speaks to her parents, Seth and Hindy, who fought for and carried Ayelet through this. It helps somehow – as a mother, as a member of the Jewish community, as an internet citizen – when I’ve had a hard time falling asleep the last few nights.

By the way, people have been asking… here’s the link to Seth and Hindy’s Eye on Ayelet blog, where they seem to still be posting updates.

(Further by the way, I actually don’t know the family personally.)





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