Bebe update: Ten months.

Hello little nuzzle.

This month felt really long. Maybe it’s because I’ve been working my bum off at my job. Maybe because, as such, I’ve been doing better at appreciating every single day I get to spend with you when you guys come home from gan. Maybe it’s because you’re doing so many new things. But here you are, ten months.

One of the first things I noticed this month: You now talk. Or maybe the word is communicate. One day you just kept saying ‘ma ma ma ma’ and, to be frank, looking at my boobs. You asked me to be nursed. Girlie! And then you Pavlov-dogged me into picking you up, hugging you, feeding you, or just looking at you when you say it. I think you’re teaching us how to talk. You next moved on to abba. Can’t wait till you decide how the hell you’ll pronounce your brother’s name…

Luckily, it goes both ways – you tell us, and we tell you. Namely, ‘no.’ You’re starting to understand it. Not that I have to say it often, to be honest. But why oh why do you constantly go for the toilet bowl?

And, as of today, I’m going pump-free. With the helpful words of my metapelet, I choose not to look at that as the beginning of the end of our nursing, but instead, just focusing on me and you time. To celebrate, I breastfed you in a field today. Literally.

You started experimenting with standing on your own (but I’m not going to label you a raging feminist yet). Walking along your track of things to hold on to. Meanwhile, when I explained to your brother that you’ll be walking soon, he looked at me and looked at you and said NO. He’s threatened by you, B. Remember that when you’re older and you have male bosses someday.

But it’s made up for when you two ‘play’ together. That’s the best. And it keeps getting better. Every month that goes by, there’s more depth to your relationship. It’s amazing and it’s precious. Nothing like a brother and sister.

Keep it forever.





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