Retro Europe: the anti-Semitism still spills the blood of children in 2012.

In case you were feeling lost in the big bad world today, the world of terrorism, bus bombs, embassy bombs, car bombs, nuclear bomb threats, rocket launchers…

Today we are exposed to some run-of-the-mill old fashioned European anti-Semitism. Of the absolute worst kind: the cold-blooded point-and-shoot murder of Jewish children.

In 2012 France.

The gunman was on a scooter, stopped, and went towards Toulouse district’s Ozar Hatorah Jewish day school and shot at the kids and teachers, indiscriminately, as they were going into the building.

Apparently, French police believe it is the same person who shot and killed Muslim/Arab immigrant French soldiers last week, in the same district, in a similar fashion.

To be honest, aside from their names and ages, I can’t get myself to read every bloody detail about this horrific tragedy for the Jewish people today. I can’t handle more children dying in cold blood. More hatred based on stupidity and ignorance.

Yet, here I am, doing it anyway.

Explain to me how spilling the blood of a small child proves your point? (Explain to me why I should listen to you?)

The murdered victims of the shooting (there were others seriously injured) include:

  • Rabbi Yonatan Sandler, 30, an Israeli-French teacher at the school
  • Aryeh, 3, son of Rabbi Sandler
  • Gavriel, 6, also son of Rabbi Sandler
  • Miriam Montenago, 8, daughter of the school’s principal Rabbi Yaakov Monsonego

Somehow, some way, their families should find peace and comfort and the killer should be served the justice he deserves, which I’m pretty sure doesn’t exist in this world.


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  1. anicka Avatar

    I cant’s stop crying imagining the terror those little beatiful children felt, what a dark dark world we live in that a man can pursue and hold a child and murder the child, where is the human heart, what a terrible state of minds, and world that this could happen, that it bothers a grown man that a child lives and breathes in this world, there are no words to describe this.

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