Book Review: Hot Mamalah is chicken soup and cocktails for the Jewess soul

It’s amazing how after nearly eight years of living outside Jew York, I’ve kinda forgotten my roots. My New Yawka bagel-and-lox-don’t-kvetch-Fran-Drescher-would-want-it-this-way roots.

But then, Lisa Alcalay Klug is here to remind me, there’s no chance I could ever fully get away from what I suppose most of us really are (even those of us halfbreed Ashkenazis) – Hot Mamalahs.

With Hot Mamalah: The Ultimate Guide for Every Woman of the Tribe, a hot pink display of over 180 pages of playful kitsch and chatty chutzpah, Alcalay yentas across entertaining word play for her guide to the modern social scenes for the Jewish princess-and-proud crowd.

I was never really such a princess, but as a light read with more than a few cocktail recipes (Ein Gedi Mocktail, anyone?) who can resist indulging in some I-Am-Jewish-Woman-Hear-Me-Kvell.

So if you’re feeling the urge to shun social Friday night dinners on the Upper West Side and prefer to get cozy as a Person of the Book on the weekend, you can get Hot Mamalah on Amazon or enter the Hot Mamalah giveaway (valued at $350)… and shep some nachas for Lisa, clearly a fellow tribe member.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post; I was given the book to review by the author. I’d love to review your book, too! Get in touch.



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